Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What Is The Difference Between Dark Leaf And Blonde Leaf Tobacco?

Dark Leaf Shisha - This type of tobacco is produced by using unwashed tobacco leaves, meaning that the leaf has its full natural nicotine content, and is most commonly flavored by using molasses. This results in a dark colored shisha with a high nicotine buzz factor and earthy tobacco notes will be present in the flavor. 

Dark Leaf Shisha is recommended to expert smokers. 

These are the Dark Leaf Shisha 

  1. Tangier Hookah Tobacco 
  2. Trifecta Hookah Tobacco 
  3. Starbuzz

Blonde Leaf Shisha  - This type of tobacco is produced by washing or rinsing the tobacco leaves during the production process to reduce the amount of natural nicotine content in the leaf, though it will still contain nicotine, and is typically flavored by using honey. This results in a lighter colored tobacco that is lower on the nicotine buzz factor scale while maintaining full flavor and cloud output.

This type of shisha is recommended for new smokers or those looking to keep the buzz factor to a minimum.

  1. Al Fakher 
  2. Fumari 
  3. Starbuzz 

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