Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CBD for the Elderly

Our elderly loved ones often deal with more and more health problems as they get on in age. It can be difficult to find remedies for their sometimes multitudinous physical and mental concerns. For some seniors, the side effects and dangers of mixing medications can cause even further health complications.

CBD is not going to have intoxicating effects, and is not proven to be addictive or lethal by overdose. Seniors can ease their discomforts while using CBD, but not have to worry about dulling their cognition.

CBD can help improve sleep.  CBD oils for the elderly can support a feeling of calm that helps with tackling daily stresses.

A recent study showed that when applied on the skin, CBD assisted with lowering pain and reducing inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis. CBD Kratom carries a variety of pain relieving creams and topicals as well as edibles and tinctures to help assist with pain and inflammation inside and outside the body. 

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