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Why so many shapes for such a simple product? Each have their pros and cons – there's no “one size fits all” when it comes to shisha charcoal. Charcoal is also a personal preference but this is an overview: 

Cubes: Arguably the most common type of shisha coal, cubes have six flat equal sides (like dice) which make them ultra-stable when burning. Cubes offer a slow burn and can be successfully used with most hookah bowl and screen setups due to the many different sizes available. Make sure to rotate the cubes throughout the session to get the best results.

Flats: Similar to cubes but more like a flat bar, flats won't burn as long so are good for shorter shisha sessions. Flats are best used with foils, as their shape isn't well suited for heat management systems or chimney sets.

Cubettes: Halfway between cubes and flats, cubettes are just another variation of the traditional cube, but with the same shortcomings as flats.

Fingers / sticks (round): If cubes are the most common type of hookah charcoal, fingers or sticks would be a very close second. Cylindrical in shape, 3 x charcoal fingers sit nicely around a chimney set or on top of a foil when using a phunnel bowl. Sticks are also less likely to cause heat spikes when compared to cubes.

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