Sunday, September 12, 2021

How does the Studenglass Gravity Hookah work?

Using the same science that is applied with gravity bongs, it introduced a 360° rotating glass design with a tough make and stunning black aesthetics that it is sure to grab your attention. It is also designed to be a triple threat, which means you can consume your green herb, concentrate, and hookah; a pretty all-in-one accessory. 

The glass chamber is allowed to rotate 360 degrees, almost like an hourglass. Oh, and interestingly enough Stündenglass means "hourglass" in German. Pretty smooth, isn't it?

It is quite simple to use, just fill the bottom container with water, leaving the other half of the glass empty. Once you light it up, you flip the glass chamber 180 degrees, causing the negative pressure to pull the smoke through the waterfall into the empty chamber, which is now on the top. 

Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah/Bong
Studenglass Gravity Hookah now at Pars Market in Columbia, Maryland!

Once you flip the glass chambers again, the smoke will find its way to the mouthpiece through the falling water. You can easily control the amount of smoke by adjusting the rotational degree of the glass chambers, giving it a personalised experience. 

Note: Must be 21 or older to purchase this product

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