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Huge Selection of Haze Tobacco at Pars Market

Frozen Lakes flavor Haze Tobacco at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Frozen Lakes flavor Haze Tobacco at Pars Market

Founded in 2011 by the pioneers of the American hookah tobacco industry, Haze Tobacco is the ultimate hookah tobacco of the modern market. Haze Tobacco has only been around for about five years, but it is run by an elite collective of accomplished shisha enthusiasts with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Over the course of just the last half decade, Haze Tobacco has grown into the most popular American Shisha brand in the country. This comes as a result of their unwillingness to compromise for anything other than the best tasting shisha in the nation. Haze Tobacco is the perfect shisha to complete to perfect social hookah experience, and their entire line of flavors can be conveniently found at Pars Market in Columbia, Maryland.

Haze Tobacco's hand-crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Each flavor is carefully manufactured to excellence while keeping a high standard of quality control. Haze is world renowned for their use of the world’s finest combination of ingredients to create delicious and unique flavors. In addition to their large collection of amazing regular flavors, they also dominate in the specialty flavor line, with both their "Cheech & Chong" and "Jazze Pha" finding extreme popularity since their release. Haze Tobacco's great tasting flavor along with its ability to produce large, thick clouds makes it truly to best all around shisha in the market.

Wide selection of a Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Wide selection of a Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market
Standard Flavors:

  • 5 Cents a Cup: Sweet cool refreshing pink lemonade
  • Baby Doll: Candy flavor with floral overtones
  • Bananarama: Delightful cold banana bread pudding flavor
  • Black Berry: Perfectly ripe black berry taste
  • Blazen Blue: Cool refreshing berry flavor
  • Blueberry: Tastes just like real blueberries
  • Candylicious: Delicious candy flavor
  • Cantaloupe: Can’t get enough of this pure cantaloupe taste
  • Carnival Nights: Minty cardamon to spice up your night
  • Chaitastic: Creamy caramel chai
  • Cherry: Tie the knot on the delicious cherry
  • Chocolate Ice: Dark chocolate mint
  • Coco Roast: Roasted coconut flavor
  • Coconut: Authentic coconut flavor
  • Cucumberita: Perfectly balanced cucumber margarita mix
  • Don Fizzle: Cool mix of sparkling sweet fruits
  • Eve's Temptation: Apple flavor with cool spiced earthy undertones
  • Frozen Lakes: Cool refreshing watermelon beverage like agua fresca
  • Grape: Tastes like grapes straight off the vine
  • Guava: Will take you to the rain forest
  • Hardcore: Big burst of sweet fruit flavors
  • Haze Colada: Pina colada flavor
  • Hazel Eyez: Get ready to be mesmerized
  • Honeydew: Perfectly sweet honeydew flavor
  • Ice Berg: Cool refreshing exotic fruits
  • Intensity: Prepare yourself for this cool refreshing spiced flavor
  • Kazouza: Classic cherry cola flavor
  • Kiwi: Deliciously kiwi
  • Le'Mint: Refreshing lemon mint flavor
  • Lemon: Tastes just like the real thing
  • Lime it Up: Lime blended with citrus flavors
  • Majestic Bru: A creamy orange flavor mixed with sweet floral notes
  • Mango: Can't go wrong with mango
  • Melon Blast: Taste the melons with every puff
  • Mint: For that after dinner taste
  • Mint Fiesta: Spicy mint flavor
  • OMG: Burst of berry flavors
  • Orange Swirl: Classic orange cream swirl flavor
  • Passion: Indulge yourself with passion fruit
  • Peach: Flavor the size of Georgia
  • Peach Cooler: Refreshing peach flavor with a cooling sensation
  • Peachella: Peachy vanilla mix
  • Pear: The pear-fect match
  • Pineapple: Perfectly sweet pineapple
  • Plum: Small fruit - big flavor
  • Pomegranate: For the true pomegranate fans
  • Pumpkin Pleasure: Your favorite seasonal desert
  • Quack Quack: Frozen mixed fruit flavor
  • Raspberry: Razzle your taste buds
  • Rose: No scent is sweeter
    Assortment of Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
    Assortment of Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market
  • Seduction: Forbidden mixture of citrus fruits
  • Skills on the Rocks: Ideal tropical beach cocktail
  • Strawberry: Smoother than a milkshake
  • Subzero: Freshens your mouth like no other mint flavor
  • Summer Time: Summertime fruit flavors
  • Sweet Melon Medley: Delicious mixture of melons
  • Tangerine: Sweet sweet tangerine flavor
  • Trash Can Punch: Fruit fusion
  • Twice the Apple: The best apple shisha flavor made to perfection
  • Ultimint: The ultimate mint flavor
  • Vanilla: Perfect vanilla flavor
  • Watermelon: Juicy and seedless
  • What a Mint: Iced out peppermint cream
  • Yummy Madness: Juicy blend of gummy candy flavors
Jazze Pha Flavors:
  • Candy-Apple Love: Candy apple flavor
  • Lavish Lavender: Silky lavender taste with a slightly sweetened mint cream finish
  • Oh Boy Explosion: Spicy sweet peach flavor
  • Panty Droppa: A juicy watermelon bubblegum flavor
  • Pineapple Krush: A sweet pineapple flavor with a cool refreshing taste
Cheech & Chong Flavors:
  • Double Bubble: Cool bubble gum flavor
  • Hey Man: A perfect mango tamarindo mix with a hint of chili
  • Lite it Up: Intense sweet banana smoothie flavor
  • Nice Dreams: Berry margarita flavor
  • Sister Mary Elephant: Sour candy flavor with berry overtones
  • Still Smoking: A fusion of red berries with hints of pineapple
  • Whooo-Weee: Medley of citrus flavors
Selection of Haze Tobacco shisha flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Selection of Haze Tobacco shisha flavors at Pars Market
Haze Tobacco has grown rapidly in popularity since its 2011 startup, and they show no signs of slowing down. Haze has taken the modern shisha industry by a storm with their uniquely superior flavors. This revolutionary shisha company settles for nothing but perfection. All true shisha lovers have no excuse for not trying out some Haze Tobacco. If you live in Howard County, or anywhere in Maryland, come down to Pars Market to choose from the full line of Haze Tobacco products! What are you waiting for?

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

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Wide Selection of CBD Oil, Capsule, Wax, E-Liquid, Edibles, and Skin Lotion at Pars Market

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a non-psychoactive, highly therapeutic compound extracted from the hemp plant. In recent years, it has been rapidly building a strong reputation for its beneficial properties for health, illness, skin and hair. Research has suggested its positive influence on treatment of a long list of ailments, including epilepsy, cancer, pain, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety disorders, and many others. Among the many uses for CBD, the most popular use for it is as a relaxant. It has been known to work as the perfect supplement for those who struggle with stress, anxiety, or for anybody who desires to reach a relative state of calmness.
As the the list of known benefits of CBD has grown in recent years, the market demand for CBD has skyrocketed. CBD has the ability to benefit a wide range of people, and the market of CBD products is reflecting this range. Those interested in adding CBD to their daily routines as either a general health booster or an alternative remedy can choose from a wide variety of products. CBD can be taken in the forms of oil, capsules, wax, e-juice, edibles, and skin lotion. All of these different forms of CBD are conveniently available in Columbia, Maryland at Pars Market. Different forms have different potencies and are made to be suitable for different people who have different needs when it comes to CBD.


Wide selection of CBD oil available at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Wide selection of CBD oil available at Pars Market
CBD oil is the most popular form in which CBD is consumed. It is conveniently packaged in a small dropper bottle which can be easily carried in your pocket/purse. The oil can be consumed by either placing a couple drops under the tongue, or, for those who enjoy vaping, it can be mixed in with your favorite e-liquid. The CBD oil begins working as soon as it is consumed, so it is perfect for those who need quick anxiety relief on the go!
CBD capsules at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
CBD capsules at Pars Market
For those who do not like the taste of the oil, or would just simply prefer to consume pills since it is the same way that most other medications are consumed, CBD capsules may be the best form of CBD for you! CBD capsules contain 99.7% pure CBD, so you are garanteed to get the purest of CBD experiences. The capsules are made to each contain exactly 10mg of CBD, which makes it very easy to measure your exact dosage. Since it is in capsule form, the CBD will not begin working immediately like the oil does, but it is a great option for those looking for long-term relief that can be consumed along with all of their other daily pills.


CBD wax available at Pars Market Columbia Hpward County Maryland 21045
CBD wax available at Pars Market
The perfect form of CBD for smokers, CBD wax is a very portable form of CBD which can be consumed by water pipe, wax vaporizer, or any other way in which dabs can typically be consumed. CBD wax works great for CBD users who are still looking for that classic smoking experience when consuming CBD. This is a great thing for users who need instant relief, because the effects of CBD wax are felt instantly after consumption. CBD wax is also a very strong form of concentrated CBD, so only a very small amount is needed for most to feel the effects.


Large selection of CBD e-juice at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Selection of CBD e-juice at Pars Market
The vape world and CBD world have come together to create a fantastic product: the CBD e-juice. You can now load CBD-infused e-juice into your liquid vape for the perfect CBD accessibility on the go. Just fill your liquid vape with the CBD e-juice as you would with your typical e-juice, and you will be able to enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD with the feel, taste, and appearance of a normal liquid vape!


Large selection of different CBD edibles available at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Large selection of different CBD edibles available at Pars Market

For those who are looking to consume CBD in public without having to deal with the social stigma of vapes or capsules, CBD edibles may be the answer. CBD edibles are CBD-infused candies which taste just like the real thing, but simply have CBD in them. They are perfect for anybody who wants to avoid the taste of CBD, because they taste just like candy! CBD edibles are available as gummies and hard candies. Since the effects will not be felt until the digestive process begins, the effects will not be felt immediately, but will instead set in smoothly over time for a long-term relief.


CBD skin lotion at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
CBD skin lotion at Pars Market
Unlike other forms of CBD, which are consumed in one way or another, CBD skin lotion is applied directly to the skin. Just rub it over areas where you are experiencing pain. The lotion will then seep in through your pores and begin working on your muscles. CBD's therapeutic effects will then begin to take place, as you will begin to feel a relief of all muscle sores and joint aches.
CBD is an amazingly versatile new product which has captured the spotlight in the medical community. It has proven itself to be an effective pain/anxiety reliever for so many people already. For anybody living in Howard County, or the entire state of Maryland, the best selection of CBD products to fit your need can be conveniently found at Pars Market. Don't miss out on such a great product any longer!

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product
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Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco at Pars Market Columbia, MD 21045

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco was founded in 2005 and has since become arguably the world's most popular shisha brand! Starbuzz is world renown for its smooth, sweet, and long-lasting flavor as well as its ability to produce large smoke clouds.

Starbuzz produces a very wide assortment of flavors, and continues to add new exciting flavors every year! Some flavors are simple, such as Orange and Vanilla, while other flavors are complex, such as Lebanese Bomb Shell and Margarita Freeze. Starbuzz boasts over 100 different shisha flavors! Those looking for the widest and most up-to-date selection of Starbuzz shisha flavors available in Maryland can find it at Pars Market.

Exotic Melon Blue Flavor Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market Howard county Columbia Maryland 21045
Exotic Melon Blue Flavor Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market

Starbuzz shisha is made with a high glycerin content. Since glycerin is the main smoke producing component in modern hookah tobacco, this high glycerin content makes Starbuzz a shisha that can smoke for a long time without the smoke going thin. The flavors in Starbuzz shisha are also very heavily saturated, which makes the flavor last as long as the smoke. The combination of high glycerin content and heavily saturated flavor makes it so the average Starbuzz session can easily exceed an hour with large clouds and strong flavor!

Regular Flavors:

  • Apple Americano: Mixture of a coffee-candy like richness draped around a wonderfully juicy sliced apple
  • Apple Cinnamon: Freshly sliced apples covered by cinnamon and melting butter
  • Apple Martini: Slightly sweet apple swimming in the tartness of a martini
  • Apricot: A strong flavor that many compare to dry apricots directly from the store
  • Arabian Coffee: Tastes like a delicious mocha candy melting out of the Hookah smoke and across your taste buds
  • Banana: A light smooth smoke of banana candy
  • Blackberry: Tastes like a sweet fruit wrapped in a touch of sour flavor
  • Blackgrape: Dark, rich, and sweet rendition of grape
  • Blue Mist: A flavor similar to cotton candy that will explode with a thick flavorful smoke
  • Blue Surfer: Delicious blend of exotic tropical fruits coupled with a cooling undertone
  • Blueberry: Captures the flavor of freshly ripe blueberries
  • Blueberry Grape: A sweet grape shisha wrapped around the tartness of Blueberry shisha
  • Bubble Gum: The delicious childhood sweet 
  • Candy: Like placing a bunch of dry candies in your mouth with calming undertones of bananas and pineapples
  • Cantaloupe: A juicy summer night refreshment shisha that hides a slight taste of watermelon
  • Caramel Apple: A classic apple hookah taste reinvigorated by dripping waves of caramel chocolate
  • Caramel Macchiatoo: A very creamy, slightly sweet, foam-tasting shisha
  • Cherry: A new and improved realistic and smooth cherry tasting shisha with undertones of the smoothest sweet cherry hookah smoke
  • Chocolate Mint: Tastes a lot like thin-mints hidden within your favorite Godiva chocolate candy
  • Chocolate Strawberry: Strong chocolate taste with a very slight strawberry undertone
  • Citrus Mint: The softest cooling mist of citrus spiked with a pinch of mint
  • Citrus Mist: A perfectly balanced smooth flavor that consistently sprinkles citrus, particularly lemon, across your tongue
  • Classic Cola: The most realistic cola flavored shisha in the world
  • Classic Mojito: Perfectly mixes lime, mint and sweet undertones to create a fun and exotic blast of world class flavor
  • Cocojumbo: A delicious mix of both coconut and lime
  • Coconut: Smooth, sweet, and light coconut flavor
  • Code 69: A cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus
  • Cosmopolitan: The famous Manhattan bar drink exploding with citrus and limes mixed with misty kisses of cranberry
  • Double Apple: The classic double apple black licorice taste
  • Flower Power: Smooth flower flavors with a fruity smooth flavor that is a deep, enriched, and pleasantly smooth smoke
  • Fruit Sensation: A refreshing kick that uses lighter fruits like pears as its foundation
  • Fuzzy Lemonade: A distorted fruity flavor with a strong lemon mist
  • Fuzzy Naval: A distorted fruity flavor with a strong lemon-orange mist
  • Grapefruit: The perfect balance of tart and tangy with a juicy sweetness
  • Guava: A sweet tangy guava hookah flavor
  • Hard Rush: Combines a generous amount of delicious fruit flavors with a unique hit of winter fresh mint
  • Holiday Mix: The perfect blend of warm delightful spices that will make you really wish the holidays never end
  • Honeyberry: Perfectly balances the sour berry flavor with a dab of honey which lingers on your taste buds after every inhalation
  • Kiwi: Tastes like real kiwi juices dripping out of your hookah head
  • Kiwi Strawberry: Kiwi with light undertones of sweet strawberry added to every hit
  • Lebanese Bomb Shell: Packed with flavors of cedar, this flavor will make you feel like your smoking in a cabin in the backwoods of the country side
  • Lemon: A smooth flavor that, though strong, is not overly powerful or sour
  • Lemon Mint: Equally balances the mint with the lemon
  • Lemon Tea: A spicy flavor that rolls over your taste buds with a real tea flavoring hidden in every hookah puff
  • Mango: A super sweet and well-defined mango flavor
  • Margarita: Mimics the famous drink with the sour taste of alcohol
  • Marlette: An ever-evolving flavor that follows the trends of the Starbuzz orders
  • Melon Blue: Sweet and smooth melon
  • Orange: Like freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Passion Fruit Mojito: Tastes just like the drink
  • Passion Kiss: Multi-layered waves of fruit flavors being balanced by lighter flavors
  • Peaches N Creme: A milky creamy froth with a hint of peaches
  • Pina Colada: Controlled pineapple, coconut and vanilla overtures 
  • Pineapple: Deliciously dry pineapple tasting shisha
  • Pink: Mysteriously smooth shisha that hints at a light raspberry
  • Pirate's Cave: A very strong lemon lime flavor
  • Pomberry: A mixture of tart pomegranate and sweet berry
  • Pomegranate: A crisp and smooth pomegranate taste
  • Pumpkin Pie: A sweet flavor with pockets of spice
  • Raspberry: A sweet flowing succulent flavor that tastes like raspberry juice on your tongue
  • Rose: A sweet smooth flavor that tastes like rose water 
  • Royal Grape: The smoothest most smokable grape available from any hookah company
  • Safari Melon Dew: The boldest melon flavor ever smoked
  • Sex On The Beach: Combines lemons, oranges and a slight citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah
  • Sour Apple: Non-licorice tasting candied apple flavor
  • Spearmint: Strong mint bite with a touch of spice added to give a slight calmer edge
  • Spicy Red: Symbiotic infusion of sweet spearmint and hot cinnamon 
  • Strawberry: Realistic taste concentrates on the sensation you get when biting into a strawberry
  • Strawberry Daiquiri: Combines a fresh, light, strawberry taste with a tart daiquiri flavor
  • Strawberry Margarita: Carries a spicy kick behind the lemon and citrus undertones being covered by strawberry
  • Sweet Apple: Takes the deeper more sour apple and black licorice type apple flavors and covers it with a sugar-like coat
  • Sweet Melon: Classic sweet-tasting melon
  • Tangerine Dream: Tastes like a refreshing orange soda
  • Tequila Sunrise: Mixes a touch of orange and cherry 
  • Tropical Fruit: Slices of pears combined with the perfect balance of fruits smoothly sliding across your taste buds
  • Turkish Apple: Roaring apple dashed with Turkish inspired spices that delivers a truly unique and undefined experience
  • U.F.O.: An extra terrestrial explosion of robust citrus flavors make for a flavor that’s out of this world
  • Vanilla: Realistic vanilla drink taste
  • Watermelon: Tastes just like watermelon juice
  • White Grape: A crisp, refreshing and constantly smooth reflection of white grapes
  • White Peach: Perfectly crafted white peach flavor
  • Wild Mint: The strongest of the mint flavors
  • Wildberry: Mixes the sweetest elements of the berry family
  • Wildberry Mint: Delicious berry juices with a touch of mint
  • Winterfresh: Tastes just like the gum
Assortment of Starbuzz Tobacco Flavors at Pars Market Howard County Columbia, MD 21045
Assortment of Starbuzz Tobacco Flavors at Pars Market

Bold Flavors:
  • Apple Doppio: Can be seen as a hybrid concoction of everything tasty about double apple minus the bitterness of anise. It walks the fine line of a deep rich double apple flavor, darkness of licorice, and a curiously refreshing mysterious aftertaste
  • Apple Mist: Combines the natural element of this delicious fruit with a billow of magic and spice
  • Asian Persuasion: A compilation of the far east region's fine spices, fruits, and teas brought together to create a delicate and exotic experience
  • Black Mint: Rich tones of this explosive mint paired with black licorice notes
  • Black Peach Mist: Delicate notes of peach infused with a handful of berries and polished off with a cooling mist
  • Code Blue: A bold burst of berry flavors infused with a creamy silky undertone topped off with a cool refreshing menthe
  • Cosmo Power: Combines the sweetness of a fruity flavor and the complexities of a light floral note which makes for a flavor that’s out of this solar system
  • French Buzz: Silky smooth and creamy twist on orange
  • Geisha: Smooth, sultry, and blissfully bright and delicate fruit notes
  • Golden Grape: A twist on an age old staple flavor which will have you reminiscing about the past and leave your mouth watering for more
  • Grape Freeze: Classic grape with a serious minty punch
  • Grapefruit Mint: Delicate infusion of exotic mints and the tantalizingly refreshing taste of a tart citrus fruit
  • Green Savior: A product of an age-old spice which is completely unique in every way, shape, and form
  • Irish Kiss: Morsels of sweet and fruity bursts of flavor
  • Irish Peach: A blend of peach with notes of creamy, citrus, and spiced tastes
  • Lady In Red: Tantalizing light notes of cherry combined with a refreshing rose water flavor
  • Margarita Freeze: Realistic margarita taste with a shot of mint
  • Mighty Freeze: The perfected blend of lemon and frozen mint
  • Mint Colossus: Strong enough for the mint aficionados yet smooth enough for the casual mint smoker
  • Peach Mist: Smooth and sultry, this twist on classic peach delivers one of the smoothest most titillating smokes you can experience
  • Peach Ice Tea: Bringing you the classic taste of southern iced tea
  • Peach Queen: Peach spiced with a unique flavor which will have your taste buds begging for more
  • Pink Lady: Modeled after the traditional cocktail, this sweet and scrumptious flavor boasts a fruity, tantalizing, sweet smoke with subtle kisses of grenadine
  • Purple Savior: Similar to the Pink Lady flavor, but with an added minty taste
  • Queen Of Sex: Intense bursts of tart citrus flavors make for one of the most delicious and sweet smokes you’ll ever experience
  • Simply Mango: The purest most succulent tasting mango hookah flavors to have ever hit the world market
  • Simply Mint: A powerful yet slightly sweet punch of exhilarating cooling peppermint
  • Tropicool: You’ll taste a medley of tropical fruits such as pineapple and citrus in this simple yet very complex flavor with the refreshing element of a cooling mint to top it off
  • Watermelon Freeze: Classic watermelon and mint combination with a signature spin
  • White Chai: A sweet and fruity twist on a traditional light tea favorite
  • White Mint: The perfect balance between a unique sweetness and intensity
Pars Market's Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Pars Market's Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz is a truly classic shisha brand. They provide the highest quality product with the most diverse flavors. It is the most well-respected and recognizable name in the shisha community. To fully experience this brand, hookah smokers need access to a hookah store which provides the widest selection of flavors at the lowest prices. If you live in or around Maryland, the best hookah shop that will always have your favorite flavors available at a conservative price is Pars Market in Columbia. So head on down and experience the world's finest shisha!

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Khalil Mamoon Handmade Egyptian Hookah at Pars Market in Columbia, Maryland 21045

Khalil Mamoon Hookah’s!  Authentic and Genuine Hookahs.  Khalil Mamoon is a company with over 50 years’ experience of hand making hookah pipes, based in Cairo, Egypt and shipped over by us into the USA. KM hookahs are the state of the art traditional pipe in the industry. Khalil Mamoon began his career as a specialist antiques restorer who then turned his love of hookah into a family business, now in its third generation and going stronger than ever. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are renowned for their authentic craftsmanship, unique hoses, and ultra-wide and easy draw.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah selection at Pars Market in Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Khalil Mamoon Hookah selection at Pars Market

The Khalil Mamoon Original Hookah is the standard by which all hookahs are measured to stainless steel throughout the stem with brass rings and the original stamps of KM initials. The center design is simple Egyptian fare, and is the hookah of choice at many hookah bars throughout. The stem supports the stainless steel tray, while the hookah makes use of thick tubing and strong welds to provide the best in Egyptian quality. Comes with a 69″ KM pro hose known for their wide bodies and larger bore that produces the best airflow of any hose on the market today. The design of the Khalil Mamoon is pure Egyptian styling, known for its intricate designs and attention to detail. All Khalil Mamoon hookahs are handmade and are produced individually, not off a manufacturing line, and not mass assembly. Because of this, every Egyptian hookah has slight variations when it comes to each hookah. You may find the weld lines may be visible and unpolished at the welds. The vases are all hand painted in Egypt, so you might have slight variations in design as well. Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are desired for their attention to the small details that have been ironed out from centuries of manufacturing hookahs in the most demanding part of the world. You can purchase the best selection of all Khalil Mamoon Hookahs at Pars Market.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The best Kratom Extracts at Pars Market in Columbia Maryland

 Kratom is comprised of many different compounds, including several alkaloids, such as mitragynine, mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Kratom extract contains a much higher concentration of alkaloids, which means that a the user can ingest a smaller amount in order to achieve the desired effect.
O.P.M.S. Kratom Gold Extract at Pars Market
O.P.M.s. Kratom has become a recognizable industry standard among kratom products.

The main difference between Kratom O.P.M.s. and other Kratom products has to do with how the alkaloids are concentrated from the leaves. Most products employ a method involving hot water or a solvent. Under this process, the Kratom leaves are basically boiled out of the organic material. Research specialists have recently discovered a more effective concentration method using cold water and high pressure. With this method, more of the alkaloids are preserved, making for a better and a more complete product.

XXX All Natural Kratom Leaf 120X Extract at Pars Market

XXX Kratom 120x Extract Powder

XXX Kratom 120x extract powder is high potency Maeng Da Kratom Extract powder, not crushed Kratom leaf. We are sure that once you examine XXX Kratom 120x extract powder, you will be of the conclusion as we are. XXX Kratom is the best Kratom product you will find.
120X Kratom extract means you won't need much, thanks to our special cold extraction method of Maeng Da Kratom that yields the best Kratom product.

XXX Kratom Extract (Maeng Da)

Mitragyna Speciosa

-Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Gentianales

Family: Rubiaceae

Genus: Mitragyna

Species: M. speciosa

Binomial Name: Mitragyna Speciosa



 -Nauclea korthalsii Steud. nom. inval.

 -Nauclea luzoniensis Blanco

 -Nauclea speciosa (Korth.) Miq.

 -Stephegyne speciosa Korth.

XXX Kratom Extract and O.P.M.S. Gold at Pars Market


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Monday, April 18, 2016

Pars smoke head shop in Columbia Maryland

Finally, there is a Smoke Shop place in which all Maryland residents can buy any and all the Headshop Products, Pars Market is your one stop shop for everything which is conveniently located in Columbia, MD 21045  This is the place to go when you seek the best selections of quality all Tobacco, Shisha, Hookah accessories, Charcoal, Hemp wick Products, Chronic Candy, Down Stems, Filters, Rolling Papers, Cigars, Cigarette Machine, Electronic Cigarette, Hookah Pen, E-Hose, Mini Hose, Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes, Ceramic Pipes, Wooden Pipes, One Hitters, Dugouts, Steam Rollers, Glass Blunt, Synthetic urine (Quick Fix), Dabbers, Domes, Digital Scales, Grinders, Whip It Dispenser and Whip Cream Chargers, Crackers, Ashtrays, Stash Jars, Knives, Containers, Zippo Bags, Rolling Papers, Blunt Wraps, Water Pipes, Bubblers, Defusers, Percolators (Ash Catchers), Bongs (we carry lots of brands such as: Roor, Heavy Hitter, Bio,  Zig-Zag, Illusion, Beaker, Bio Epic and many more), Bowl, Quartz Banger, Detoxes Shampoo Detox and Mouth Wash Detox, Liquid Detox, Capsule Detoxes, Curves, E-Liquids, Vapo wires, Cartomizers, Coils, and very nice selection of Vaporizer for Wax, Dry Herb (Pax, Snoop Dogg G-Pro, Falcon and Eagle Vape, and e-juice With over a decade of feedback we know the brands that work well made and that we can recommend for you! We also carry a really Large and full selection of Kratom in form of Capsules, Powder and Liquids, Kavas, Bali and more in the state of Maryland... and other unique novelty items at the lowest prices you would ever be able to find in the market! 

Waterpipe and Glass Pipes Display at Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Waterpipe and Glass Pipes Display

Pars Market LLC

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Varietiers of Kratom at Pars Market

Varieties of Kratom

There are many different Types of Kratom we sell at Pars Market in Columbia, MD. These include leaves, enhanced leaves, extracts, powders, resins, tinctures and so forth. Below we have a few descriptions for your convenience.

Kratom Resin: This is a concentrated form of Kratom which is created by condensing the leaf down through a cooking method and extracting the alkaloids to produce a small, tar like mass which is much stronger than the leaf itself.

Kratom Powder: Kratom powder is generally stronger than crushed leaves because the stem and veins of the leaf are often removed, leaving the parts of the leaf which contain the highest amount of the active alkaloids.

Stem and Vein: The Stem and Vein is generally removed during the grinding of the leaf to produce powder, but still contains active alkaloids, although only approximately 25% of what the other leaf material contains.

Kratom Extract: This generally comes in a powder form and is a concentrated form the Kratom, thus providing a stronger or enhanced effect.

Kratom Tincture: The extracted alkaloids or Concentrated Kratom Powder is soluble in alcohol which allows for an alternative delivery system. Tincture droplets are delivered sublingual and have a strong effect.
Enhanced Kratom: Enhanced Kratom is often as simple as an extract being added to a regular strength powder. There are also some strains of Kratom that are overall stronger than others and these are sometimes referred to as enhanced.

Crushed Leaf Kratom: This is basically what the title implies. Crushed leaf Kratom contains all of the leaf material, stem and veins and is often used as a tea for the delivery system.

Kratom Capsules: This is simply Powdered Kratom which is packed into an ingestible capsule (Kratom Capsules) for a more convenient delivery method, thus the name.


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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) is also known as Blue Water Lily and the Sacred Lily of the Nile.
The plant, a natural sedative, originate from along the Nile River, in Egypt. For thousands of years it was used by the native people as part of religious ceremonies in which they would use these sacred blue flowers to reach higher levels of consciousness. During third century, it was introduced to the conquering Greeks who in turn exported it to far regions of the world.
In addition to it’s use in perfumes, it is still used today as a mild sedative. According to Egyptian legend, it was such a good sedative that it was given to sun god Ra in an effort to sooth him as he grew old.

Blue Lotus dry leaves at Pars Market in Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Blue Lotus dry leaves at Pars Market

Methods of Use

Blue lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) can be ingested through a variety of methods. It is believed to be the plant that Lotophagi ate in “The Odyssey“. Since then, people have been eating the plant. More commonly, in the modern world, it is brewed into a tea (or mixed into various cocktails, wines, and liquors) by boiling the entire plant for 20-30 minutes before ingesting.

Medicinal Benefits

The medicinal benefits of Blue Lotus stem largely from the sedative properties of the plant. It can use as a sleep aid, as a natural anti-anxiety remedy, and as a stress reliever. Blue Lotus contains nuciferan (a natural anti-spasmodic) along with aporphine, which will give you feelings of calming euphoria.
There are also reports of its use as a treatment for gastrointestinal problems. Diarrhea and dyspepsia, among other things, have reportedly been helped by ingesting Blue Lotus, although research is scarce in this particular area.


The effects of Blue Lotus seem to differ between different people, but it’s principal effects is what made this plant popular among the Egyptians. A calm sense of euphoria overtakes many users of the plant. It is often compared to MDMA, albeit less intense and more calming than stimulating. Depression can be alleviated in this way and, while not permanently, can give the user an opportunity to look at what causes their depression and really take something away from the experience.
In many people there is actually a mild, stimulant-like effect that is felt after taking Blue Lotus. The sedation is present, but the tingling, body energy sensation of stimulants fills them as well. This calm is a psychoactive property appreciated by it’s users. is found to be great for socializing and spending time with friends and family.
In addition, many people may help their erectile dysfunction after ingesting Blue lotus. Rather than turn to pharmaceutical drugs many people are turning to this plant as an aphrodisiac. This is especially true if the sexual dysfunction stems from depression.


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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Curious about the difference between the various colors of Kratom products? Most
sellers classify their Kratom strains as red, white or green depending on the coloration of the
central vein in the leaf. If you look closely at a leaf from a Kratom tree, you will notice that
the stem and vein running down the middle has a faint coloring. This color is directly linked
to how a specific strain will affect you both mentally and physically. The stem is almost always
removed from the plant before processing it into crushed leaves, powder or extract format.
However, leafy plant matter from a tree with red versus green versus white veins will be
chemically different.
Only purchase Kratom from Recommended Vendors.
Red Vein leaves are viewed as better for some purposes while White Vein or Green Vein herbs may
be more effective for other purposes. Trees with different vein colors tend to thrive in different
climates and they also have distinct alkaloid contents that give them their specialized effects.
Compare the effects of Red Vein vs. White Vein vs. Green Vein Kratom to help you determine which
strain is best for you. Remember that the information provided is a general guide and not everyone
will see the same results from using the same strains.
Kalimantan Red Vein Kratom at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Kalimantan Red Vein Kratom
White vein strains are typically described as being more energizing and contributing to a positive
mood. They may be used as stimulants in the place of caffeine to promote alertness, mental
vigilance and wakefulness. Users who take White Vein Kratom powders or capsules often state
that they experience increased concentration as well as motivation and endurance when working
for long hours. It may counteract feelings of fatigue and drowsiness, without causing anxiety or
Borneo White Vein Kratom at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Borneo White Vein Kratom
 Patients suffering from depression or asthenia will experiences the best results when using this strain of Kratom. If you find caffeine to be too stimulating, you may experience jitters or irritability when using White Kratom. It can also lead to insomnia or restless sleep if taken too late in the day. It has become common to mix White Vein leaves or powders with Red Vein strains to achieve a more balanced boost in energy.

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Red Vein Kratom

Most Kratom that is sold today is of the Red Vein variety, describes as having a more calming influence that can help you unwind and release tension. It can help to quite your mind while giving you a sense of well-being and optimism. Red Kratom is also well suited for use as a sleep enhancer among individuals with insomnia. Physically, this type of Kratom is known to reduce pain and can be used to treat muscle tension or as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers. Some of the strongest Kratom extracts that are used for opium withdrawal come from the Red Vein category.

Within the family of Red Vein Kratom products, there is quite a bit of diversity in terms of the specific benefits you may experience. Some strains like Bali Kratom are singled out for being highly effective analgesics while others can produce intense mood enhancement and an elated state of mind. It is also important to remember that effects vary in a dose-dependent relation across all strains of Kratom leaves. In small doses it can produce some stimulant effects but for the most part this type of Kratom is used to promote serenity and tranquility.

Green Vein Kratom

 Green Vein Kratom is most appropriately described as somewhere in the middle of the Red and White strains. It is a mild energy booster that can perk you up without putting you on edge. Users say that it helps them to achieve a centered state of alertness and focus and has a subtler effect than either Red or White Kratom. It is documented as useful in treating pain, but without leading to the lethargy or drowsiness that other analgesics can cause. Some popular brands from this category include Green Sumatra Kratom, Green Borneo, Thai Green and Green Malaysian.

Maeng Da Green Vein Kratom at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Maeng Da Green Vein Kratom
Green Kratom is sometimes mixed with Red or White strains to give a more well-rounded range of effects. It can prevent excessive sedation from using Red Vein powders while ensuring you do not become over-stimulated with White Vein leaves. This type of Kratom is often used to treat social anxiety and for recreational purposes before heading out for a night on the town. Using Green Kratom can make you more inclined to engage in social behavior by both helping you to relax and feel comfortable in social settings as well as making you more talkative.

Which is Best?

So what type of Kratom is best: Red Vein vs. White Vein vs. Green Vein? Determining the right Kratom strain to use is a matter best left to personal preference. While there are some fundamental similarities between the various colors of Kratom leaves, not all Red strains will produce the same effects and the same goes for the White and Green options as well. These characterizations are best viewed as general overviews and each strain may work different for you. A great way to determine which makes the most sense for you is to purchase a Kratom sampler pack with several different powders or capsules from each color strain. You can then try them on their own or compare different combinations from the Red, White and Green varieties to design your own fusion.

Red Vein, White Vein and Green Vein Kratom at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Red Vein, White Vein and Green Vein Kratom


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