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Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco at Pars Market


Founded in 2005, Starbuzz has been the most popular brand of tobacco among modern hookah tobaccos ever since. Starbuzz tobaccos taste smooth and sweet while producing larger clouds of smoke than most traditional hookah tobaccos.

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Exotic Melon Blue Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco at Pars Market

  Starbuzz provides a multitude of unique and savvy shisha flavors to salivate over. Made in the U.S.A., Starbuzz is considered a premium strong-flavored Shisha Tobacco. Starbuzz shisha is made from golden Virginian. The flavor of Starbuzz shisha is amazing! available in a variety of fresh, unique, mouth-watering flavors.

At Pars Market We are proud to offer our customers largest selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco in Maryland at the lowest price!

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Starbuzz Flavors
 Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco is arguably the most popular hookah tobacco in the world. With almost 80 flavors to choose from, Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco is world renown for its long-lasting flavor and huge smoke clouds it produces.


Starbuzz has a large number of packaging choices available.
  • Ready Heads: As the name suggests you simply have to unwrap the capsule, place it in your hookah bowl, fold the aluminum foil, peel back the label, and smoke up.
  • 50 gr Can: Small rectangle shape cans, perfect for trying lots of flavors at a good price. Tobacco is inside resealable tinware.
  • 100 gr Can: Cylinder shape cans with 100 gr of tobacco in resealable tinware.
  • 250 gr Can: Cylinder shape cans with 250 gr of tobacco in resealable tinware.
  • 1 kg Bucket: Large bucket of Starbuzz tobacco perfect for hookah lounges or if you are absolutely in love with a particular flavor.
  • Starter Sets: Starbuzz recently released starter sets that contain four 50g cans of their tobacco, a roll of charcoal and a pair of tongs.
Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market


  1. Apple
  2. Apple Americano
  3. Apple Cinnamon
  4. Apple Martini
  5. Apricot
  6. Arabian Coffee
  7. Banana
  8. Blackberry
  9. Black Grape
  10. Blackberry
  11. Blue Mist
  12. Blue Surfer
  13. Blueberry Grape
  14. Blueberry
  15. Bubble Gum
  16. Candy
  17. Cantaloupe
  18. Cappuccino
  19. Caramel Apple
  20. Caramel Macchiato
  21. Cherry
  22. Chocolate Mint
  23. Chocolate Strawberry
  24. Christmas Mix
  25. Citrus Mint
  26. Citrus Mist
  27. Classic Cola
  28. Classic Mojito
  29. Coconut
  30. Code 69
  31. Cosmopolitan
  32. Cotton
  33. Double Apple
  34. Flower Power
  35. Fruit Sensation
  36. Fuzzy Lemonade
  37. Fuzzy Naval
  38. Grape
  39. Guava
  40. Honeyberry
  41. Irish Cream
  42. Jasmine
  43. Kiwi
  44. Kiwi Strawberry
  45. Lemon
  46. Lemon Mint
  47. Lemon Tea
  48. Mango
  49. Margarita
  50. Marlett
  51. Melon Blue
  52. Orange
  53. Passion Fruit Mojito
  54. Passion Kiss
  55. Peaches and Cream
  56. Pina Colada
  57. Pineapple
  58. Pink
  59. Pirate’s Cave
  60. Plum
  61. Pomegranate
  62. Pumpkin Pie
  63. Raspberry
  64. Rose
  65. Royal Grape
  66. Safari Melon Dew
  67. Sex on The Beach
  68. Sour Apple
  69. Spearmint
  70. Strawberry
  71. Strawberry Margarita
  72. Strawberry Daiquiri
  73. Sweet Apple
  74. Sweet Melon
  75. Tequila Sunrise
  76. Tangerine Dream
  77. Tropical Fruit
  78. Vanilla
  79. Watermelon
  80. White Grape
  81. White Peach
  82. Wild Berry Mint
  83. Wild Berry
  84. Wild Mint
  85. Winter Fresh
  86. X on the Beach

Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Flavors at Pars Market
Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Flavors at Pars Market

 As an internationally recognized company, it is rare to hear of someone who has not tried Starbuzz products. However, for the rare few that have recently crawled out from beneath a rock, here are list of best 10 selling Starbuzz Shisha Flavors!
10. Starbuzz Wild Mint - Hold onto your breath, this wild minty ride will have your mouth smiling with icy pleasure.
9.  Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita - A delightful strawberry flavor that's tart, tangy, and titanic in taste. Smoke this fruity delight and your mind will be whisked away to a sandy beach, sipping away at the frozen concoction that helps you hang on.
8. Starbuzz White Peach - A scrumptious, savory peach flavor that’s wet and juicy. Reminiscent of grandma’s peach cobbler, your mouth will thank you when you puff on this peachy shisha confection. 
7. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo - A coconut flavor that will drive your palate coco-nuts! Juicy and sweet, Coco Jumbo produces huge pillowy smoke clouds of tropical delight.
6. Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew - Take a safari of flavor with this creamy melon hookah tobacco. Gaze upon the huge clouds that this shisha tobacco produces like the lion gazes upon the gazelle pre-pounce.
5. Starbuzz Melon Blue - This combination of Safari Melon Dew and Blue Mist is spectacular sensational for any season. Smoke this boisterous cantaloupe concoction and you’ll get a bountiful bonanza of smoke succulence in your bosom.
4. Starbuzz Code 69 - This sweet fruit flavor tastes great and lasts long.  Thick clouds await those that smoke this sexy shisha that will arouse your taste buds seduce your senses. 
3. Starbuzz Sex on the Beach - You can enjoy this delicious flavor without getting sand in your butt! Based on the fruity cocktail of the same name, this mixture of fruit flavors will make you do an o-face of delicious delight.
2. Starbuzz Pirate's CaveYaaaar, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! This tangy citrus flavor with a hint of mint will leave your taste buds shocked to the very boney. Skuttle me Skippers!
1. Starbuzz Blue Mist - The number 1 spot on this list goes to Blue Mist, which is also the top selling flavor of ALL brands of Hookah Tobacco.  A tangy blueberry taste that lasts long and smokes superbly is what makes this favorite a hit amongst new smokers and seasoned professionals alike.

Note: You must 18 years or older to order this product.

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