Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review of most Kratom shots in Market!

As we talked about Vivazen new Kratom Shot, We are excited to talk more about different brand of Kratom Shots that we carry at Pars Market.

Selection of all Kratom Shots at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Selection of all Kratom shots

Bali Blend is the latest all natural minor pain relief and mood enhancing shot to hit the market.

Bali Blend is made from some of the most exotic ingredients on the Earth. This Bali inspired, herbs and extracts are all natural from the jungles of Borneo, to the mountains of Jamaica and the forests of Thailand.
This beverage was formulated with some of the most powerful natural ingredients on the planet. This ancient recipe was formulated centuries ago to provide minor pain relief and provide positive mood enhancement. Shortly after tasting the first sip you will realize the powers of this ancient formulation.
It will produce feelings of clean, fun energy and euphoria that lasts up to 4 hours!

Come try a taste of Bali, a taste of Bliss!

Bali Blend Bliss Kratom Shot at Pars market Columbia Maryland 21045
Bali Blend Bliss Kratom Shot

Get ready to enhance your mood and Fly Away with Pegasus Herbal Shot. With a TRULY DELICIOUS Passion Fruit Flavor! 
Proprietary blend of all natural herbs. Great for any occasion especially: after an intense workout, at the end of a long hard day, the morning after a late night or just when you want to feel good. Enhances intimate situations.

If you like VivaZen, then you will LOVE PEGASUS!

Pegasus Kratom shot with Passion Fruit Flavor at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Pegasus Kratom shot with Passion Fruit Flavor

If you like Vivazen and liquid Kratom extracts, then this product is for YOU! MR. SMILEY IS HERE! Each shot is 2oz and contains 6-7 grams of kratom and a kratom extract which is cooked into a liquid form and is high potency. This equals 1-3 servings. 

 Great energizing, uplifting AND relaxing effects that last 3-4 hours! 

Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation shot with Lemon-Lime at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Mr Smiley Kratom Relaxation shot with Lemon-Lime

 K Chill is one of the best products of this sort, because it is not only effective, it is all-natural. K Chill uses ingredients extracted from herbs and nature, such as the white willow, kratom, passion flower, and the California poppy. These extracts work on the brain to release neurochemicals that make the body feel relaxed and at ease, creating a calm mood and a sense of euphoria and mild physical sedation. This effect can last up to six hours, so people can enjoy feeling relaxed and without a care in the world for large portions of the day
 K Chill is an herbal supplement that aids in relaxation and mood improvement. The liquid shot is formulated with natural herbs and extracts and depending on body mass and the state of health, within 10 minutes the effects should be felt. It REALLY works within 10 minutes!


K-Chill Kratom shot Extra Strength at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
K-Chill Kratom shot Extra Strength

 GreenJoy kratom shot is the newest liquid kratom shot on the market. It is the best tasting shot we have ever tried. Compared to Vicozen (Now Vivazen) and Kratomite shots, the greenjoy shot is stronger and better tasting the both vicozen/kratomite combined. GreenJoy Kratom Shot is available at Pars Market.

GreenJoy Kratom shot 100% All Natural Herbal at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
GreenJoy Kratom shot 100% All Natural Herbal

VITALIZE Kratom Shot is here

This is a potent, fast acting Kratom shot.  If you are a fan a Kratom, then you will love VitaLize!
I tested this one personally, and it is right there next to the best as far a effectiveness and duration.  I am excited about this one!!

Simple Ingredients:

Kratom Extract (Mitragyns speciosa)
White Willow Bark Extract (Main ingredient in Asprin)

A highly effective product for pain relief, anxiety, and much more!

Vitalize Kratom Shot at Pars Market Columbia Maryland
Vitalize Kratom Shot

It's here. What all Kratom lovers have been waiting for. Liquid Kratom. Everything that is desirable in the Kratom plant with non of the plant matter itself. This is a very pure product, contains the alkaloids from really good Kratom, Water and stabilizing agents. The alkaloids are so stabilized in the water next to non settling can occur, a simple turning the bottle over one time is more then enough to get any sort of settling under control. Unlike any competitive product to this no chemicals are used in the process or added to product.

K Liquid Kratom Shot at Pars Market in Columbia Maryland 21045
K Liquid Kratom Shot


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