Saturday, March 9, 2013

Samanoo at Pars Market in columbia Maryland

It is made of wheat germ Wheat Paste (سمنو): Samanoo is one of the many items on the haft-seen table or "sofreh" tablecloth that starts with the letter "S.". It is made of wheat germ in a form of sweet paste, a very sophisticated Persian dish made with germinated wheat sprouts and flour. "Sabzeh," wheat sprout, represents rebirth and samanoo represents the reward of patience, sweet life and strength and preparedness for new year.

It is a high calorie food with vitamin E. it represents strength and preparedness for new year.n a form of sweet paste, a very sophisticated Persian dish. It is a high calorie food with vitamin E. 

 Making an authentic samanoo requires time, patience and a good arm, or the help of several people to help with the cooking. Usually the person who makes samanoo shares it with others and sends out bowls or containers of it to neighbors, family and friends.The making of samanoo from the start to the finish takes several days. First, the seeds have to be soaked in water for two days, then transferred into a bowl wrapped in a moist cheesecloth and as soon as the new shoots appear they have to be spread out on a paper to completely dry out before grinding and sifting them. "Samanoo pazan," the making of the samanoo, usually takes about a full day. 

However at Pars Market we make it extremely easy for you and sell you the one is already have been prepared and ready for you to put on your Nowrouz sofreh, Come and get yours at Pars Market!

Happy Happy Happy Nowrouz! Happy Spring!




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