Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best Sujuk selection at Pars Market

Sujuk, also "sucuk" and soudjouk is kind of dry spicy salami sausage that is usually credited to Turkish cuisine.Despite its origins in Turkey, it is also eaten in a number of other countries cuisines such as Bulgarian and Armenian, Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia.

Midamar Brand Ring style Soujouk at Pars Market
  The key features of sujuk are it's dryness, the fact that it is rather salty, and its high fat content. The spices that are most commonly used to flavor the sausage include red pepper, cumin, and sumac. Just as with many other kinds of cured meats, sujuk may be incorporated into breakfasts or into dishes that are served for mid-day and evening meals.
The type of meat used to fill the sausage is traditionally beef.

Armenian Style Soujuk at Pars Market
 At Pars Market we proudly carry large variaty of Sucuks in our shop for all Sucuk lovers, so come down to Pars Market and get some Sucuk for yourself!
Finger size Sucuk at Pars Market
 Sujuk is also commonly used as a topping on savoury pastries in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine  and Lebanon; sujuk shawarma is also occasionally found. Akin to sujuk shawarma, sujuk döner was also introduced in Turkey in late 1990s.

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