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Huge Selection of Haze Tobacco at Pars Market

Frozen Lakes flavor Haze Tobacco at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Frozen Lakes flavor Haze Tobacco at Pars Market

Founded in 2011 by the pioneers of the American hookah tobacco industry, Haze Tobacco is the ultimate hookah tobacco of the modern market. Haze Tobacco has only been around for about five years, but it is run by an elite collective of accomplished shisha enthusiasts with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Over the course of just the last half decade, Haze Tobacco has grown into the most popular American Shisha brand in the country. This comes as a result of their unwillingness to compromise for anything other than the best tasting shisha in the nation. Haze Tobacco is the perfect shisha to complete to perfect social hookah experience, and their entire line of flavors can be conveniently found at Pars Market in Columbia, Maryland.

Haze Tobacco's hand-crafted premium blends are flavored to an unparalleled perfection. Each flavor is carefully manufactured to excellence while keeping a high standard of quality control. Haze is world renowned for their use of the world’s finest combination of ingredients to create delicious and unique flavors. In addition to their large collection of amazing regular flavors, they also dominate in the specialty flavor line, with both their "Cheech & Chong" and "Jazze Pha" finding extreme popularity since their release. Haze Tobacco's great tasting flavor along with its ability to produce large, thick clouds makes it truly to best all around shisha in the market.

Wide selection of a Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Wide selection of a Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market
Standard Flavors:

  • 5 Cents a Cup: Sweet cool refreshing pink lemonade
  • Baby Doll: Candy flavor with floral overtones
  • Bananarama: Delightful cold banana bread pudding flavor
  • Black Berry: Perfectly ripe black berry taste
  • Blazen Blue: Cool refreshing berry flavor
  • Blueberry: Tastes just like real blueberries
  • Candylicious: Delicious candy flavor
  • Cantaloupe: Can’t get enough of this pure cantaloupe taste
  • Carnival Nights: Minty cardamon to spice up your night
  • Chaitastic: Creamy caramel chai
  • Cherry: Tie the knot on the delicious cherry
  • Chocolate Ice: Dark chocolate mint
  • Coco Roast: Roasted coconut flavor
  • Coconut: Authentic coconut flavor
  • Cucumberita: Perfectly balanced cucumber margarita mix
  • Don Fizzle: Cool mix of sparkling sweet fruits
  • Eve's Temptation: Apple flavor with cool spiced earthy undertones
  • Frozen Lakes: Cool refreshing watermelon beverage like agua fresca
  • Grape: Tastes like grapes straight off the vine
  • Guava: Will take you to the rain forest
  • Hardcore: Big burst of sweet fruit flavors
  • Haze Colada: Pina colada flavor
  • Hazel Eyez: Get ready to be mesmerized
  • Honeydew: Perfectly sweet honeydew flavor
  • Ice Berg: Cool refreshing exotic fruits
  • Intensity: Prepare yourself for this cool refreshing spiced flavor
  • Kazouza: Classic cherry cola flavor
  • Kiwi: Deliciously kiwi
  • Le'Mint: Refreshing lemon mint flavor
  • Lemon: Tastes just like the real thing
  • Lime it Up: Lime blended with citrus flavors
  • Majestic Bru: A creamy orange flavor mixed with sweet floral notes
  • Mango: Can't go wrong with mango
  • Melon Blast: Taste the melons with every puff
  • Mint: For that after dinner taste
  • Mint Fiesta: Spicy mint flavor
  • OMG: Burst of berry flavors
  • Orange Swirl: Classic orange cream swirl flavor
  • Passion: Indulge yourself with passion fruit
  • Peach: Flavor the size of Georgia
  • Peach Cooler: Refreshing peach flavor with a cooling sensation
  • Peachella: Peachy vanilla mix
  • Pear: The pear-fect match
  • Pineapple: Perfectly sweet pineapple
  • Plum: Small fruit - big flavor
  • Pomegranate: For the true pomegranate fans
  • Pumpkin Pleasure: Your favorite seasonal desert
  • Quack Quack: Frozen mixed fruit flavor
  • Raspberry: Razzle your taste buds
  • Rose: No scent is sweeter
    Assortment of Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
    Assortment of Haze Tobacco flavors at Pars Market
  • Seduction: Forbidden mixture of citrus fruits
  • Skills on the Rocks: Ideal tropical beach cocktail
  • Strawberry: Smoother than a milkshake
  • Subzero: Freshens your mouth like no other mint flavor
  • Summer Time: Summertime fruit flavors
  • Sweet Melon Medley: Delicious mixture of melons
  • Tangerine: Sweet sweet tangerine flavor
  • Trash Can Punch: Fruit fusion
  • Twice the Apple: The best apple shisha flavor made to perfection
  • Ultimint: The ultimate mint flavor
  • Vanilla: Perfect vanilla flavor
  • Watermelon: Juicy and seedless
  • What a Mint: Iced out peppermint cream
  • Yummy Madness: Juicy blend of gummy candy flavors
Jazze Pha Flavors:
  • Candy-Apple Love: Candy apple flavor
  • Lavish Lavender: Silky lavender taste with a slightly sweetened mint cream finish
  • Oh Boy Explosion: Spicy sweet peach flavor
  • Panty Droppa: A juicy watermelon bubblegum flavor
  • Pineapple Krush: A sweet pineapple flavor with a cool refreshing taste
Cheech & Chong Flavors:
  • Double Bubble: Cool bubble gum flavor
  • Hey Man: A perfect mango tamarindo mix with a hint of chili
  • Lite it Up: Intense sweet banana smoothie flavor
  • Nice Dreams: Berry margarita flavor
  • Sister Mary Elephant: Sour candy flavor with berry overtones
  • Still Smoking: A fusion of red berries with hints of pineapple
  • Whooo-Weee: Medley of citrus flavors
Selection of Haze Tobacco shisha flavors at Pars Market Columbia Howard County Maryland 21045
Selection of Haze Tobacco shisha flavors at Pars Market
Haze Tobacco has grown rapidly in popularity since its 2011 startup, and they show no signs of slowing down. Haze has taken the modern shisha industry by a storm with their uniquely superior flavors. This revolutionary shisha company settles for nothing but perfection. All true shisha lovers have no excuse for not trying out some Haze Tobacco. If you live in Howard County, or anywhere in Maryland, come down to Pars Market to choose from the full line of Haze Tobacco products! What are you waiting for?

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

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