Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How to Pack A Hookah Bowl for Beginners with Pars Market

You are going to need, shisha, coals, hookah aluminium foil, and a lighter, all of which can be purchase at Pars Market for an affordable price.  
 You will need  very lightly pack the shisha into the bowl, most pack the shisha 2/3 full or completely full. 

Than take aluminium foil and wrap the bowl tightly over the bowl. If you purches hookah aluminum foil from Pars Market it will already have air path holes in the hookah. If you use regular kitchen aluminum foil make sure it is a thick foil. Than it a circle pattern and make sure it's not larger that the diameter of your coals. 

You can now put your bowl on top of your hookah. Be sure to make sure it's seated down firmly so there is no air leaks.Then light the pieces of charcoal with the light for about a minute ,It will spark and smoke. When the coal is ready to be placed on top of the bowl it will have the white around the edges. How many charcoal will depend on various factors but typically one or two coals is plenty. 
Hookah Starbuzz Pars Market columbia Maryland 21045
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Final step is to enjoy! Depending on how often you are inhaling from it or how many people you have smoking will vary the amount of smoking time. 

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

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