Friday, January 18, 2019

New product alert!!Tangier Hookah Tobacco

Tangiers has been making unique American made hookah tobacco for over 10 years. This shisha is made from fine natural US grown tobacco leaves that are not treated or altered in any way, resulting in a very robust smoke quality. Tangiers Shisha comes in 4 different lines including Birquq, Noir, Burley, and the F-Line a caffeinated shisha.

When first opening the package it is recommend to massage the shisha in the bag for a minute or two before opening. You should be able to smell the desired flavor. If it smells like ketchup or BBQ sauce, let is sit out to acclimate for a few minutes before using. 

Wide selection of Tangier Hookah Tobbacco is available now at Pars Market!

Tangier hookah tobacco is used best with A Phunnel Bowl.Tangier Hookah tobacco is made here in the United States with US tobacco with no artificial color added. Handmade in small batches. With an unique taste this hookah tobacco will sell out fast! stop by Pars Market today!

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