Wednesday, August 7, 2019

How to properly clean your glass bong

Once you invest in something as important as your glass bong you would like to keep it clean.Not only do you want to preserve the aesthetics of your piece, but a clean pipe always produces the purest flavor for each and every session. Cleaning a water pipe can be intimidating at first, so here are a few tips from the experts on how to properly clean your glass.
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The most important thing is to have the right cleaning solutions.To deep clean the really stuck-on gunk on the inside of your pipe, you’re going to need an abrasive cleaning solution. You can use water pipe cleaners like Formula 420, grunge off, and many more top quality products that can find at Pars market. 
If your water pipe includes percolators, getting a cleaning solution to reach every part may be tricky. The best way to clean percolators is to fill the bottom of the water pipe with the cleaning solution, shake it vigorously, cover the top with your hand or use Res Caps and flip it upside-down so all of the solution drips through, and then shake vigorously again until all of the solution has come through to the top. Lastly, remove the cover and drain. 

Please avoid the  dishwasher for cleaning. Plus, the water may not reach the inside of the pipe very well and the high temperatures may cause the glass to break. If you’re looking for a shortcut to cleaning your glass, you’re not going to find it in with the dishwasher. Also, avoid using alcohols that aren’t isopropyl or acetone. 

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