Wednesday, September 11, 2019

What is MIT 45 Kratom Extract?

MIT 45 is the newest hot brand to hit the kratom world, and  Pars market has the full line of MIT 45. MIT 45 is a virtually odorless and unflavored extract that distinguishes itself from other extracts and enhanced kratom products by virtue of its alkaloid content.

MIT 45 Shots have a proprietary Maeng Da blend. Maeng Da is arguably the most popular Kratom strain, so it was a natural choice to base their formula around it. It is a full spectrum shot designed to pack as much punch as possible in their 2.6 ounce shots. The tincture has been referred to as “rocket fuel” because it is the strongest Kratom extract shot currently available.

Pars Market has the full line of MIT 45 Stop by today at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045
Pars Market has the full line of MIT 45 Stop by today!

MIT 45 extracts its Kratom in Holland with state of the art machines. The end result is a true 45% Maeng Da Mitragynine tincture. Both unflavored and unadulterated, MIT 45 shots provide an active alkaloid powerhouse.No matter how strong or convenient a Kratom shot can be, there are some people who just don’t want a shot. MIT 45 created their Kratom extract Gold Capsules. Known as the new gold standard, these capsules provide the same special Maeng Da blend as the shots.

Note: Must be 21 or older to purchase this product

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