Monday, November 25, 2019

Starbuzz Blue Mist :A Classic Shisha Flavor With A Lasting Impression

Starbuzz Blue Mist is the most popular and classic hookah flavor from the Starbuzz Exotic Hookah Tobacco series. Whether you are a beginner or smoking hookah regularly, Starbuzz Blue Mist is recommended to all. 

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Blue Mist flavor has a clean and cold flavor, which is much like icy water.It will be  be thoroughly enjoying both the sweetness of blueberries and the coolness together.It is excellent both as standalone tobacco and as a mixer. You can try mixing it with Vanilla, Grapes, Strawberry, or try incorporating some of your recipes. Whether you smoke Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist only or mix it with any other Shisha flavor, you can never go wrong.

  • The smoke output is dependent on how you pack your hookah bowl. The denser you pack it, the thicker smoke clouds you will blow.
  • Longevity. Be confirmed of one thing; you will be enjoying a long session of hookah, where you will be blowing deliciously refreshing blueberry clouds. Just make sure you have blazing coconut coals to heat your hookah.


Note: Must be 21 or older to purchase this product

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