Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Packing your hookah the correct way!

Begin by gently placing or sprinkling your broken up shisha into the hookah bowl. Do not pack the shisha down tightly as you want there to be space for air to flow in from the top of your bowl, down through the shisha tobacco, and then down in to your hookah.

This is a starbuzz hookah and pack by a customer. Stop by today to pick up your Hooakh

There are four significant kinds of hookah bowls; Vortex, Phunnel, Egyptian, and Alien Phunnel bowls. The basic idea is never to overpack your bowl but to pack the bowl light and fluffy, so there is airflow. Always go for a minimal amount of tobacco, break it down and place it. Gently tap it to level out, so it remains around half an inch beneath the foil. The foil is very important part. Do not use kitchen foil, there is a specific type of foil that you can use, which is already pre-pierced for your use. 

Whether you like it smooth or strong, it would be better to start with low it. You can always manage the heat and make it robust. Coconut coals like Coco Buzz are ideal for long sessions. Have two to three of them fully ignited and placed around the edge. You can always remove or add one to manage the heat. Move the coals on the side, once they burn halfway.


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