Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tangiers Shisha Tobacco Available Today!

Tangiers Shisha Tobacco is one of the leading shisha brands presenting their completely unique design on Middle Eastern hookah tobacco. It is made here in the United States with US tobacco with no artificial color added. Handmade in small batches. 

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Tangiers are available at Pars Market today!

Tangiers has built a strong name for themselves in the hookah market worldwide, and this was all done by allowing their tobacco to speak for itself. All of the Tangiers production sold in America takes place in California under a close watch to ensure a consistent quality of flavor and overall performance.

Each 250 gram bag arrives in a double packed air sealed package with a hand written label and a quality inspection hologram sticker. There are multiple lines within the Tangiers collection and the Noir flavors are considered to be the original line that started it all.

Tangiers Noir is an unwashed tobacco that provides a more robust smoke flavor profile for the experienced smokers. The Tangiers collection is known for creating a stronger buzz because of the higher nicotine content, so we caution the use of this brand for beginner smokers.

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