Thursday, February 27, 2020

5 liquids you can put in your Hookah base instead of water?

As pretty much any hookah smoker can attest to one of the most necessary parts of setting up a hookah is putting some form of liquid in the base. The liquid is what cools your smoke and makes your hookah session nice and smooth. If there's not enough liquid you can expect a dry and unpleasant inhale with a harsh flavor.

  1. Milk- Milk has a tendency to bubble up and get into the pipe. It's recommended that you mix it with water before adding to the base. You're guaranteed to enjoy thick clouds of smoke with this mixture.
  2. Black coffee- If you don't like to drink coffee you would not like it in your hookah base. Coffee in hookah base will give it an extra boost. 
  3. Orange Juice- Orange juice is our choice but you can put any juice in the base, the thicker the juice the thicker the smoke will be.If you choose orange juice to replace the water, then the orange shisha is great.
  4. Vanilla extract- Scattering a few drops of vanilla extract in hookah base with water can be a great experiment. For lovers of vanilla flavor, this will be a hit. The natural vanilla sticks are also a good option.
  5. Rose Water/Orange Blossom Water- This add a natural taste to the hookah. 
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