Monday, February 24, 2020

Top 5 Things To Add To Your Hookah Base for A Better Experience

Everyone always ask what can they add to their hookah base to enhance the experience. With over 10 years experience with selling hookah I have came up with a list for customers to try! You can add a little bit of water and one of many things from this list! 

  1. Ice-The easiest and most common thing to add is ice. That is why all brand of shisha tobacco have some icy flavor. it makes kind of cool finishing for your flavor if you like.This won't add any extra flavor but it will give you really cold and smooth smoke.  Ice is probably the most common hookah base addition.  
  2. Juice-Orange juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and lemonade are all popular choices which will add a little something extra to your hookah smoke.
  3. Fruit- Have an extra few orange slices? add them to your hookah base and experience an enhanced fruity flavor.Be sure to add water before dropping these rock hard tasty pieces inside. Add a mint leave to this blend for a nice touch.
  4.  Mint-Adding a few curiously strong crushed mints to the water in the base (and, if you are so bold, ice as well) will leave you with a cool refreshing minty smoke. If you don't want a powerful mint in the base test out the fruitier mints with citrus based flavors for a lovely boost of flavor.
  5. Rose water- Rose water has many health benefits. If you add a splash or two of rose water to your hookah it will bring out additional benefits 
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