Sunday, March 8, 2020

Hookah buying guide

Buying a Hookah can be overwhelming, and not know where to start. Hopefully this guide can make your decision easier. Hookah pipe smoking is usually a group activity and that is something important to consider when it comes to choosing the size of the Hookah. Smaller sized Hookah pipes can be used by an individual easily; the size and weight of a larger Hookah makes it the ideal item for group use, or frequent users. 

The size of the Hookah does not determine the amount of smoke.  The material of the Hookah determines a few factors. Stainless steel hookah is shinier and lighter compared to a brass stem, and they are usually recommended for home use.  Brass pipes are more commonly used for lounges or for bigger parties.The material is important is that the material used to make the hookah affects directly the durability of the hookah and also the performance. The material can as well affect the price of the hookah and how satisfied you likely are to be after using it.

There are two main type of Hookah Modern or traditional. A traditional hookah is usually tall and has a heavy base that is made from metal. Modern hookahs are a little different. The hookah itself will be made from a stainless-steel material. It will also be made from a number of other parts that includes screws so it can be disassembled and reassembled as needed. 
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