Thursday, April 30, 2020

What is the Right Amount of CBD?

Scientific research has not pinpointed any clear limits to how much CBD is too much. Dosages in studies cover a very broad range, from as little as 1 milligram to as much as 1,500 milligram per day. So far, none have been identified as hazardous. Since CBD grows in of nature it is almost impossible to overdose or become ill from useage. 

The key to CBD  dosing is figuring out how it affects your unique body. Every person's body is different, and since researchers have not identified any precise doses, the best thing to do is start slow and pay attention to how your body reacts.

It's recommended that first-time users start with a small dose of CBD and gradually increase the dosage over time, while paying attention to the effects produced by different amounts. This process should be continued until the most effective dosage for your specific condition or ailment is achieved. 

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