Saturday, June 27, 2020

Hookah Etiquette

Smoking Hookah is and always will be a social experience. "Hookah Culture" is a vast umbrella that covers history, customs/traditions, etiquette, atmosphere, and more.  

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  1. Never light your cigarette using a Charcoal, as it is considered disrespectful in some countries.
  2. When passing the Hookah around, make sure that the Hookah Hose is pointed in your direction, as it is more polite.
  3. Never blow smoke in another persons face without their consent.
  4. Never share your plastic mouthpiece with another person, as it does not promote good hygiene.
  5. Use the Tongs when igniting the Quicklighting Charcoals, as you risk getting severely burned if you use your hands.

There are plenty of other Hookah Etiquette but these are the top five. 

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