Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hookah Vocabulary

In this Web blog we will give you a few useful Hookah terms. 

Ash Catcher - The round flat metal plate that is usually located under the bowl. This device catches loose ash from either the tobacco or charcoal, resulting in a cleaner smoke environment.

Base - The Glass Vase located at the bottom of the Hookah. The Base holds water and its purpose is to filtrate the smoke. The Base comes in different models, such as Jezebel, Crystal Ball, and Bell.

Bowl- This device is located at the top of the Hookah. The Bowl is the key to smoking with the Hookah, as it provides a place for evaporating the Flavored Tobacco. Bowls are usually made out of Clay, Stainless Steel, or Pyrex.

Mouthpiece- Mostly used in Hookah Bars, Mouthpieces serve as a sanitary device. This device is placed on the tip of the Hose and allows many people to smoke out of the same Hose, using different Mouthpiece

Wind Cover- This device is placed over the Bowl, resting on the Ash Catcher. Its primary purpose is to retain heat within the Bowl, allowing for the Flavored Tobacco to stay lit outdoors. This device is also used to prevent the Charcoals and Flavored Tobacco from coming off the Hookah during wind storms

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