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All you need to know about Kratom and more

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an herbal leaf from a tree of the Rubiaceae family. It was first documented by Pieter Korthals, a Dutch colonial botanist. Korthal gave the genus Mitragyna due to the similarity of the stigma of the plant to a bishop's mitre.

The Mitragyna speciosa or kratom trees grow as tall as 12-30 feet and 15 ft wide. Its dark green colored leaves can grow up to 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. All through out its flowering stage, the growing florets are completely surrounded and covered by copious overlapping bracteoles. The leaves fall or grow depending on the season. During rainy season, the leaves grow abundantly while in dry season, the leaves fall.

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Kratom contains alkaloids including mitraphylline, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids act as mu-opioid receptor antagonist. Due to this function, the kratom is use as an alternative to opiates for those people suffering from opium dependence. The therapy starts in a low dosage then gradually decreasing and then finally withdrawn. Symptoms of withdrawal from kratom is milder compared to opium. Mitragyna also is use as stimulant and depressant. It is use as sexual enhancer thus, improving their sexual activity. It is also use as a treatment for some illness such as diarrhea and pain. The kratom leaves are either boiled or used as a tea or chewed and smoke. Its effect can cause calmness of mind.

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Kratom, due to its effects is a controlled substance in some countries including Thailand, Australia, Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Myanmar and Malaysia. There are some countries that are still studying the properties of the plant and its effects. Some include Kratom in their laws such as the Regulation Laws. According to Thai books, kratom is a milder substance compared to morphine and less harmful than cocaine.

 History of Kratom

In certain South East Asian countries including Malaysia and Thailand, a certain tree is very abundant and has always been available. The Kratom tree also known as "Thom" or "Ketum" is a tall tree that belongs to the Rubiaciae family. The kratom tree has dark green, oval shape leaves with clustered yellow flowers. The leaves of the kratom tree are used by traditional cultures such as Malaysians and Thai for medicinal purposes for over centuries now. Mitragyna speciosa, kratom's scientific name was given by a Dutch botanist Pieter Korthals.

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Kratom contains alkaloids that said to have effects on the brain. Native regions in South East Asia use the leaves of kratom in treating diarrhea. The leaves were boiled and served as a tea. Fresh leaves also are use as smoking and chewing substances. Due to the alkaloid contents of the kratom, special attention is being given to the studies for further development and knowledge about the kratom. Although there is no clear explanation on how the alkaloids on the kratom work, they were proven to be effective stimulants and depressants. Some natives used the kratom as sexual enhancers, improving their sexual activity and intercourse. When it comes to drug dependence and addiction, kratom is use in the rehabilitation process of patients suffering from opiates dependence. Withdrawal symptoms from opiates are very dangerous and due to the similarities of the effects of kratom to opiates and with a safer and milder withdrawal symptom from the leaves, kratom is use as an opiate alternative. Studies proven that it can also enhance one's sleep and it can calm the mind. Shamans and folks of old times used kratom for a very long time without any record of adverse effects. But in recent studies, it was proven that kratom has the capacity to be abused. In certain countries such as Canada, kratom is being studied and still on the process of regulation. Ancient texts and records are not that available about kratom making kratom a sort of "exotic" tree.

Scientific name and uses of Kratom

NAME: Kratom
Other Names: Kratom, Kakuam, Ithang, Thom, Ketum
Scientific Name: Mitragyna speciosa
Family: Rubiaciae
Genus: Mitragyna
Species: speciosa
Effect Classifications: Stimulant, Depressant, Intoxicant

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The Kratom plant is characterized by its alkaloid content: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids are the primary contributor of the effects of the plant. Kratom is widely used in South East Asia for centuries now. Mitragyna speciosa is used in different countries in several ways. Due to its narcotic effects and its function to the opioid receptors, the kratom plant is use as an alternative to opiates to people suffering from opium addiction. The kratom plant can minimize and control the withdrawal symptoms in opiate dependent individuals. In the United States and Europe, kratom is use as treatment to certain ailments particularly pain, anxiety, depression and withdrawal to drugs. In Southern Thailand, kratom is use as a substitute for heroin to stop the dependence on the said drug. In 2005, some individuals tried to create a cocktail using kratom leaves as its base. They boil the leaves and create a tea base and added Coca Cola, cough syrup and ice. This was used for recreational purposes. In other cultures, kratom is use as a sexual enhancer, improving sexual intercourse and increasing libido. Some use the leaves to treat diarrhea. Some also use kratom as a sedative by using a low, controlled dose. The effects of the plant can cause calmness of mind. It can also use as a stimulant. Reports show that kratom can provide euphoria, a feeling of happiness, activeness, strength and desire to work. That is why it has a history that the main users of kratom are laborers and workers. The use of low dosage kratom has no reported side-effects although certain side-effects were reported if taken in a frequent, regular, high dose in a long period of time.

 Scientific studies of Kratom
A lot of people are giving attention to the Kratom leaves. Certain companies including scientific groups and pharmaceuticals are conducting studies on the composition, properties and effects of kratom in humans. Kratom is widely available now in the market due to its accessibility in the internet. Reports showed that the substance is being abused due to the effects that it can provide to its users. In the United States of America, Japan and in South East Asia, certain clinical studies are being conducted to further examine the kratom leaves.

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Until now, the effects of kratom are not yet fully understand. Recent studies just revealed that the kratom leaves have alkaloids that can affects the mu-opioid receptor of the brain. Alkaloids like mitragyne can give a certain effects such as stimulating and depressing traits. Although, the process on how these alkaloids work and affect one's behavior is yet to discover.

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It has been proven that kratom can be a great pain killing agent although there are no commercially available pills or preparations that are made from kratom leaves. It has also been established that kratom can lessen the withdrawal symptoms of those people with opiate and morphine dependence. Kratom serves as an alternative to opiates in the rehabilitation therapy and provides milder withdrawal symptoms compared to those of opiates. For this, scientists see kratom as a future drug that can be utilize as a substance to combat drug addiction and dependence. It has also been proven that kratom is a good stimulant. Future efforts are being formulated to produce strong and effective kratom-based antidepressants. But this plan is still going to take a long way for we still need to have an in-depth studies and understanding of the mood and behavioral activities of the brain and its receptors. There are also some efforts in creating kratom-based cosmetics. Aside from the fact that kratom can affect the mind, studies shows that it can also affect the body if applied topically. Future skin rejuvenating creams and lotions are looking forward in the future.

 The benefits of Kratom
Mitragyna speciosa more commonly known as kratom has been used for over centuries now by the natives of South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The kratom tree is abundant and a native to these countries. Today, the health and medical world is giving attention to kratom. Independent studies from different laboratories are being conducted to study the effects of kratom to human consumption. In the studies, kratom contains alkaloids that have effects on the human mind. It has stimulating, depressing and intoxicating effects. Pharmaceuticals are exerting some efforts in creating kratom-based medicines such as topicals and pain relievers. The leaves are smoked, chewed and prepared as teas by boiling.

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Taking kratom in a controlled, low dose certain benefits are said to be acquired. Kratom was used by jungle people to restore their lost energy. They say that kratom can restore energy, making you active and stronger. The natives Thai used the leaves of kratom to treat diarrhea and muscle pain. Others say that it can lower blood pressure suitable for people with hypertension. It also contains a substance called epicatechin, a substance found in dark chocolates that can promote good health. Mitragyna is said to be a good stimulant therefore others use it as sexual enhancer to improve their sexual activity. It is also use to treat people having depressions. Kratom can create a soothing effect, relaxing and calming the mind. They also used kratom to protect them from extreme effects of the sun by stimulating the production of melanin. Some users of kratom say that they use kratom as tea to lose weight for it has effect to the appetite. Definitely, kratom is such a discovery and it has a great future in the world of health that's why the health and drug industry is investing time and money for it.


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What is Kava?

What is Kava?

Kava, also called kava-kava, comes from the root of the Piper methysticum plant, a plant native to the South Pacific. People chew, ground, or pulverize the root to make drinks and teas that can relax the mind while maintaining carity. The root has been used as a medicine for thousands of years as a relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), epilepsy, psychosis, depression, migraines,headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), cold, respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, muscle pain, and cancer prevention. Some people use kava for urinary tract infections (UTIs), pain, swelling of the uterus, venereal disease, menstrual discomfort, and to arouse sexual desire. Moreover, Kava is applied to the skin for skin diseases including leprosy, to promote wound healing, and as a painkiller. Kava works as mouthwash for canker sores and toothaches, too.

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Kavalactones are the active chemical ingredients of the kava root. Research shows that they can affect brain chemistry in ways similar to prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

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Kava was named by the explorer Captain Cook, who chose a name that meant "intoxicating pepper." While Captain Cook may have named kava, he didn’t discover it. 

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Kava is applied to the skin for skin diseases including leprosy, to promote wound healing, and as a painkiller. Also, used as mouthwash for canker sores and toothaches.

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Kava is still popular among Pacific Islanders and much of the world. Kava is a popular social drink, similar to alcohol in Western societies. Also, kava has a role in rituals and ceremonies.
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What Does It Do?

Studies show that kava can be effective at elevating mood related to anxiety and depression.
One major benefit of using kava to treat anxiety is that it doesn’t appear to have much of an effect on your reaction time.


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