Monday, April 18, 2016

Pars smoke head shop in Columbia Maryland

Finally, there is a Smoke Shop place in which all Maryland residents can buy any and all the Headshop Products, Pars Market is your one stop shop for everything which is conveniently located in Columbia, MD 21045  This is the place to go when you seek the best selections of quality all Tobacco, Shisha, Hookah accessories, Charcoal, Hemp wick Products, Chronic Candy, Down Stems, Filters, Rolling Papers, Cigars, Cigarette Machine, Electronic Cigarette, Hookah Pen, E-Hose, Mini Hose, Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes, Ceramic Pipes, Wooden Pipes, One Hitters, Dugouts, Steam Rollers, Glass Blunt, Synthetic urine (Quick Fix), Dabbers, Domes, Digital Scales, Grinders, Whip It Dispenser and Whip Cream Chargers, Crackers, Ashtrays, Stash Jars, Knives, Containers, Zippo Bags, Rolling Papers, Blunt Wraps, Water Pipes, Bubblers, Defusers, Percolators (Ash Catchers), Bongs (we carry lots of brands such as: Roor, Heavy Hitter, Bio,  Zig-Zag, Illusion, Beaker, Bio Epic and many more), Bowl, Quartz Banger, Detoxes Shampoo Detox and Mouth Wash Detox, Liquid Detox, Capsule Detoxes, Curves, E-Liquids, Vapo wires, Cartomizers, Coils, and very nice selection of Vaporizer for Wax, Dry Herb (Pax, Snoop Dogg G-Pro, Falcon and Eagle Vape, and e-juice With over a decade of feedback we know the brands that work well made and that we can recommend for you! We also carry a really Large and full selection of Kratom in form of Capsules, Powder and Liquids, Kavas, Bali and more in the state of Maryland... and other unique novelty items at the lowest prices you would ever be able to find in the market! 

Waterpipe and Glass Pipes Display at Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Waterpipe and Glass Pipes Display

Pars Market LLC

9400 Snowden River Parkway suite 109
Columbia, MD 21045


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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Varietiers of Kratom at Pars Market

Varieties of Kratom

There are many different Types of Kratom we sell at Pars Market in Columbia, MD. These include leaves, enhanced leaves, extracts, powders, resins, tinctures and so forth. Below we have a few descriptions for your convenience.

Kratom Resin: This is a concentrated form of Kratom which is created by condensing the leaf down through a cooking method and extracting the alkaloids to produce a small, tar like mass which is much stronger than the leaf itself.

Kratom Powder: Kratom powder is generally stronger than crushed leaves because the stem and veins of the leaf are often removed, leaving the parts of the leaf which contain the highest amount of the active alkaloids.

Stem and Vein: The Stem and Vein is generally removed during the grinding of the leaf to produce powder, but still contains active alkaloids, although only approximately 25% of what the other leaf material contains.

Kratom Extract: This generally comes in a powder form and is a concentrated form the Kratom, thus providing a stronger or enhanced effect.

Kratom Tincture: The extracted alkaloids or Concentrated Kratom Powder is soluble in alcohol which allows for an alternative delivery system. Tincture droplets are delivered sublingual and have a strong effect.
Enhanced Kratom: Enhanced Kratom is often as simple as an extract being added to a regular strength powder. There are also some strains of Kratom that are overall stronger than others and these are sometimes referred to as enhanced.

Crushed Leaf Kratom: This is basically what the title implies. Crushed leaf Kratom contains all of the leaf material, stem and veins and is often used as a tea for the delivery system.

Kratom Capsules: This is simply Powdered Kratom which is packed into an ingestible capsule (Kratom Capsules) for a more convenient delivery method, thus the name.


9400 Snowden River Parkway Suite 109
Columbia, MD 21045