Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Pars Market best selling Starbuzz you must try now!

 If you haven't tried Starbuzz then you are missing out on something fascinating. Below, we have shared our most popular tobacco flavors so you can quickly try them and experience an exotic smoke session packed with some rich flavors and excitement.

    1. Blue Mist - It is an elegant fusion of blueberry with a refreshing cooling effect. Mind it; there is no mint or spearmint in it. 
    2. Pirates Cave -  Starbuzz Exotic Pirate Cave is a sweet, creamy blend that reminds of Lime Margarita
    3. Safari Melon Dew. If you are someone who likes the sweetness of the melon, then you must try Safari Melon Dew from Starbuzz’s Exotic series.
    4. Blue Surfer. Starbuzz Blue Surfer is a fresh, tropical combination of blueberry, pineapple, and grape. The fruity blend, along with the perfectly strong note of tobacco, that you can mix with floral or other fruity flavors.
    5. Tangerine Dream. Indulge in a dreamlike blend of cream and orange that would remind you of the mouth-watering orange creamsicles. Starbuzz Tangerine Dream is all about great aroma and surprising flavors.

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    At Pars Market we have a wide variety of Starbuzz and other brands of  shisha! 

    Of course all of Starbuzz shisha flavors are great sellers, and a good addition to your hookah bowl! 

    Come by at Pars Market for the best selection of Hookah and Shisha  products at reasonable prices! We look forward seeing you at Pars!
    Note: Must be 21 or older to purchase this product

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