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Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco at Pars Market Columbia, MD 21045

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco was founded in 2005 and has since become arguably the world's most popular shisha brand! Starbuzz is world renown for its smooth, sweet, and long-lasting flavor as well as its ability to produce large smoke clouds.

Starbuzz produces a very wide assortment of flavors, and continues to add new exciting flavors every year! Some flavors are simple, such as Orange and Vanilla, while other flavors are complex, such as Lebanese Bomb Shell and Margarita Freeze. Starbuzz boasts over 100 different shisha flavors! Those looking for the widest and most up-to-date selection of Starbuzz shisha flavors available in Maryland can find it at Pars Market.

Exotic Melon Blue Flavor Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market Howard county Columbia Maryland 21045
Exotic Melon Blue Flavor Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market

Starbuzz shisha is made with a high glycerin content. Since glycerin is the main smoke producing component in modern hookah tobacco, this high glycerin content makes Starbuzz a shisha that can smoke for a long time without the smoke going thin. The flavors in Starbuzz shisha are also very heavily saturated, which makes the flavor last as long as the smoke. The combination of high glycerin content and heavily saturated flavor makes it so the average Starbuzz session can easily exceed an hour with large clouds and strong flavor!

Regular Flavors:

  • Apple Americano: Mixture of a coffee-candy like richness draped around a wonderfully juicy sliced apple
  • Apple Cinnamon: Freshly sliced apples covered by cinnamon and melting butter
  • Apple Martini: Slightly sweet apple swimming in the tartness of a martini
  • Apricot: A strong flavor that many compare to dry apricots directly from the store
  • Arabian Coffee: Tastes like a delicious mocha candy melting out of the Hookah smoke and across your taste buds
  • Banana: A light smooth smoke of banana candy
  • Blackberry: Tastes like a sweet fruit wrapped in a touch of sour flavor
  • Blackgrape: Dark, rich, and sweet rendition of grape
  • Blue Mist: A flavor similar to cotton candy that will explode with a thick flavorful smoke
  • Blue Surfer: Delicious blend of exotic tropical fruits coupled with a cooling undertone
  • Blueberry: Captures the flavor of freshly ripe blueberries
  • Blueberry Grape: A sweet grape shisha wrapped around the tartness of Blueberry shisha
  • Bubble Gum: The delicious childhood sweet 
  • Candy: Like placing a bunch of dry candies in your mouth with calming undertones of bananas and pineapples
  • Cantaloupe: A juicy summer night refreshment shisha that hides a slight taste of watermelon
  • Caramel Apple: A classic apple hookah taste reinvigorated by dripping waves of caramel chocolate
  • Caramel Macchiatoo: A very creamy, slightly sweet, foam-tasting shisha
  • Cherry: A new and improved realistic and smooth cherry tasting shisha with undertones of the smoothest sweet cherry hookah smoke
  • Chocolate Mint: Tastes a lot like thin-mints hidden within your favorite Godiva chocolate candy
  • Chocolate Strawberry: Strong chocolate taste with a very slight strawberry undertone
  • Citrus Mint: The softest cooling mist of citrus spiked with a pinch of mint
  • Citrus Mist: A perfectly balanced smooth flavor that consistently sprinkles citrus, particularly lemon, across your tongue
  • Classic Cola: The most realistic cola flavored shisha in the world
  • Classic Mojito: Perfectly mixes lime, mint and sweet undertones to create a fun and exotic blast of world class flavor
  • Cocojumbo: A delicious mix of both coconut and lime
  • Coconut: Smooth, sweet, and light coconut flavor
  • Code 69: A cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus
  • Cosmopolitan: The famous Manhattan bar drink exploding with citrus and limes mixed with misty kisses of cranberry
  • Double Apple: The classic double apple black licorice taste
  • Flower Power: Smooth flower flavors with a fruity smooth flavor that is a deep, enriched, and pleasantly smooth smoke
  • Fruit Sensation: A refreshing kick that uses lighter fruits like pears as its foundation
  • Fuzzy Lemonade: A distorted fruity flavor with a strong lemon mist
  • Fuzzy Naval: A distorted fruity flavor with a strong lemon-orange mist
  • Grapefruit: The perfect balance of tart and tangy with a juicy sweetness
  • Guava: A sweet tangy guava hookah flavor
  • Hard Rush: Combines a generous amount of delicious fruit flavors with a unique hit of winter fresh mint
  • Holiday Mix: The perfect blend of warm delightful spices that will make you really wish the holidays never end
  • Honeyberry: Perfectly balances the sour berry flavor with a dab of honey which lingers on your taste buds after every inhalation
  • Kiwi: Tastes like real kiwi juices dripping out of your hookah head
  • Kiwi Strawberry: Kiwi with light undertones of sweet strawberry added to every hit
  • Lebanese Bomb Shell: Packed with flavors of cedar, this flavor will make you feel like your smoking in a cabin in the backwoods of the country side
  • Lemon: A smooth flavor that, though strong, is not overly powerful or sour
  • Lemon Mint: Equally balances the mint with the lemon
  • Lemon Tea: A spicy flavor that rolls over your taste buds with a real tea flavoring hidden in every hookah puff
  • Mango: A super sweet and well-defined mango flavor
  • Margarita: Mimics the famous drink with the sour taste of alcohol
  • Marlette: An ever-evolving flavor that follows the trends of the Starbuzz orders
  • Melon Blue: Sweet and smooth melon
  • Orange: Like freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Passion Fruit Mojito: Tastes just like the drink
  • Passion Kiss: Multi-layered waves of fruit flavors being balanced by lighter flavors
  • Peaches N Creme: A milky creamy froth with a hint of peaches
  • Pina Colada: Controlled pineapple, coconut and vanilla overtures 
  • Pineapple: Deliciously dry pineapple tasting shisha
  • Pink: Mysteriously smooth shisha that hints at a light raspberry
  • Pirate's Cave: A very strong lemon lime flavor
  • Pomberry: A mixture of tart pomegranate and sweet berry
  • Pomegranate: A crisp and smooth pomegranate taste
  • Pumpkin Pie: A sweet flavor with pockets of spice
  • Raspberry: A sweet flowing succulent flavor that tastes like raspberry juice on your tongue
  • Rose: A sweet smooth flavor that tastes like rose water 
  • Royal Grape: The smoothest most smokable grape available from any hookah company
  • Safari Melon Dew: The boldest melon flavor ever smoked
  • Sex On The Beach: Combines lemons, oranges and a slight citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah
  • Sour Apple: Non-licorice tasting candied apple flavor
  • Spearmint: Strong mint bite with a touch of spice added to give a slight calmer edge
  • Spicy Red: Symbiotic infusion of sweet spearmint and hot cinnamon 
  • Strawberry: Realistic taste concentrates on the sensation you get when biting into a strawberry
  • Strawberry Daiquiri: Combines a fresh, light, strawberry taste with a tart daiquiri flavor
  • Strawberry Margarita: Carries a spicy kick behind the lemon and citrus undertones being covered by strawberry
  • Sweet Apple: Takes the deeper more sour apple and black licorice type apple flavors and covers it with a sugar-like coat
  • Sweet Melon: Classic sweet-tasting melon
  • Tangerine Dream: Tastes like a refreshing orange soda
  • Tequila Sunrise: Mixes a touch of orange and cherry 
  • Tropical Fruit: Slices of pears combined with the perfect balance of fruits smoothly sliding across your taste buds
  • Turkish Apple: Roaring apple dashed with Turkish inspired spices that delivers a truly unique and undefined experience
  • U.F.O.: An extra terrestrial explosion of robust citrus flavors make for a flavor that’s out of this world
  • Vanilla: Realistic vanilla drink taste
  • Watermelon: Tastes just like watermelon juice
  • White Grape: A crisp, refreshing and constantly smooth reflection of white grapes
  • White Peach: Perfectly crafted white peach flavor
  • Wild Mint: The strongest of the mint flavors
  • Wildberry: Mixes the sweetest elements of the berry family
  • Wildberry Mint: Delicious berry juices with a touch of mint
  • Winterfresh: Tastes just like the gum
Assortment of Starbuzz Tobacco Flavors at Pars Market Howard County Columbia, MD 21045
Assortment of Starbuzz Tobacco Flavors at Pars Market

Bold Flavors:
  • Apple Doppio: Can be seen as a hybrid concoction of everything tasty about double apple minus the bitterness of anise. It walks the fine line of a deep rich double apple flavor, darkness of licorice, and a curiously refreshing mysterious aftertaste
  • Apple Mist: Combines the natural element of this delicious fruit with a billow of magic and spice
  • Asian Persuasion: A compilation of the far east region's fine spices, fruits, and teas brought together to create a delicate and exotic experience
  • Black Mint: Rich tones of this explosive mint paired with black licorice notes
  • Black Peach Mist: Delicate notes of peach infused with a handful of berries and polished off with a cooling mist
  • Code Blue: A bold burst of berry flavors infused with a creamy silky undertone topped off with a cool refreshing menthe
  • Cosmo Power: Combines the sweetness of a fruity flavor and the complexities of a light floral note which makes for a flavor that’s out of this solar system
  • French Buzz: Silky smooth and creamy twist on orange
  • Geisha: Smooth, sultry, and blissfully bright and delicate fruit notes
  • Golden Grape: A twist on an age old staple flavor which will have you reminiscing about the past and leave your mouth watering for more
  • Grape Freeze: Classic grape with a serious minty punch
  • Grapefruit Mint: Delicate infusion of exotic mints and the tantalizingly refreshing taste of a tart citrus fruit
  • Green Savior: A product of an age-old spice which is completely unique in every way, shape, and form
  • Irish Kiss: Morsels of sweet and fruity bursts of flavor
  • Irish Peach: A blend of peach with notes of creamy, citrus, and spiced tastes
  • Lady In Red: Tantalizing light notes of cherry combined with a refreshing rose water flavor
  • Margarita Freeze: Realistic margarita taste with a shot of mint
  • Mighty Freeze: The perfected blend of lemon and frozen mint
  • Mint Colossus: Strong enough for the mint aficionados yet smooth enough for the casual mint smoker
  • Peach Mist: Smooth and sultry, this twist on classic peach delivers one of the smoothest most titillating smokes you can experience
  • Peach Ice Tea: Bringing you the classic taste of southern iced tea
  • Peach Queen: Peach spiced with a unique flavor which will have your taste buds begging for more
  • Pink Lady: Modeled after the traditional cocktail, this sweet and scrumptious flavor boasts a fruity, tantalizing, sweet smoke with subtle kisses of grenadine
  • Purple Savior: Similar to the Pink Lady flavor, but with an added minty taste
  • Queen Of Sex: Intense bursts of tart citrus flavors make for one of the most delicious and sweet smokes you’ll ever experience
  • Simply Mango: The purest most succulent tasting mango hookah flavors to have ever hit the world market
  • Simply Mint: A powerful yet slightly sweet punch of exhilarating cooling peppermint
  • Tropicool: You’ll taste a medley of tropical fruits such as pineapple and citrus in this simple yet very complex flavor with the refreshing element of a cooling mint to top it off
  • Watermelon Freeze: Classic watermelon and mint combination with a signature spin
  • White Chai: A sweet and fruity twist on a traditional light tea favorite
  • White Mint: The perfect balance between a unique sweetness and intensity
Pars Market's Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
Pars Market's Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz is a truly classic shisha brand. They provide the highest quality product with the most diverse flavors. It is the most well-respected and recognizable name in the shisha community. To fully experience this brand, hookah smokers need access to a hookah store which provides the widest selection of flavors at the lowest prices. If you live in or around Maryland, the best hookah shop that will always have your favorite flavors available at a conservative price is Pars Market in Columbia. So head on down and experience the world's finest shisha!

Note: Must be 18 or older to purchase this product

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